Pledging to become a better driver

I am currently a senior in high school and taking a pledge to become both a better driver and passenger.

GJEL accident attorney’s report that “in 2015 an average of six teenagers died every day in the United States from injuries sustained in motor vehicle collisions. Studies show that the overwhelming majority (75%) of serious teen driver crashes are due to “critical errors such as a lack of scanning that is needed to detect and respond to hazards on the road, going too fast for road conditions, and being distracted by something inside or outside of the vehicle.”

At my high school we have lost seven students in three years to motor vehicle accidents that could have been prevented with careful driving. I have seen the impact that the loss of those students lives has on their families, friends, and communities. I want to work to be a better driver and do what I can to make the roads a safer place.

I have taken the following pledge:

  • I pledge to never be distracted by my phone while driving.
  • I pledge to never get behind the wheel if I’ve consumed alcohol or drugs.
  • I pledge to insist that all passengers wear their seat belt while I’m the driver.
  • I pledge to speak up when I am the passenger in a car where the driver is driving in a dangerous fashion.
  • I pledge to never text someone who I know to be driving.

In the coming weeks I will blog about my experience following this pledge and how it impacts my driving (and passenger) experience.

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